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I grew up in the Mormon Church, but after years of discomfort and feeling like I didn't belong, my religious doubts came to a head. I'm Molly Un-Mormon. Join me and my friend and co-host Ris McCool as we talk about Mormonism and my journey away from the church.
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Jun 18, 2017

Welcome to the Doubting Dogma podcast, the accompanying show to the Doubting Dogma blog, where we pair Molly Un-Mormon, a former Mormon now "doubting her dogma" (see what we did there?), and the corrupting hussy that told her about CogDiss, Marissa Alexa McCool. Together, they'll try to work out what's going on in the world while also having fun at the story's expense. 

This week, Ris talks about her visit to the Wolves Den in Flint, MI and what she saw and experienced during her visit there. You can find more information about them at:

Molly talks about a young girl who came out as gay during her ward's Fast and Testimony meeting, who then was told by her church leaders to go sit down.

Molly also discusses her recent diagnosis of severe anxiety and moderate depression, which have shown up since she began her journey into the secular world.

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Marissa Alexa McCool is from the Inciting Incident podcast, our sister show, as well as Full Frontal Nerdity Deluxe and The Cis Are Getting Out of Hand ...

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